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A Regal Collaboration

Double Pageant Queen Talks Swimwear

An exclusive interview.

Our swimwear brand was the proud sponsor of the swimsuit segment of the Grand Turk Summa Jam Pageant this past summer. Six beautiful ladies of the soil vied for the title of Miss Grand Turk; a title that has been highly esteemed in Turks and Caicos for nearly two decades. Of the six, Aaliyah Elliott, secured her second crown in just under six months. Aaliyah's first title of 2022 is Miss South Caicos Regatta, making her the first queen to ever hold both titles at the same time.

In an exclusive interview with our team, the double queen expressed her experience working with the brand during the competition and also shared her feeling surrounding her controversial crownings. Her exuberant personality and confidence captivated our attention which subsequently lead to our campaign collaboration.

Carrying the Weight of Two Crowns

In a previous interview Aaliyah unpacked the emotions that came from some negative feedback that she experienced when she won her second crown. False commentary of her looks and capabilities were hard to read on social media. However, in true regal fashion Aaliyah did not allow the negativity to break her confidence, thanks to her support system and courageous demeanour.

A new leaf has now turned and Aaliyah expressed to us that she has gained support and more respect in the community as people have warmed up to the idea of the country having a double queen. She has now gained the affectionate name of "Queenie" from persons in the community and is grateful for the overall experience because it's made her realise the importance of self-esteem and grace


Aaliyah's Love For Beche

The queen's love for the brand began back in 2019 when she auditioned during the 2020 Face of Beche casting. Aaliyah's striking beauty captivated the scouts and she was invited to work with the brand for social media campaigns. Therefore, when Aaliyah learned of the brand's collaboration with the Ms. Grand Turk Pageant she was excited to work with us again and described her experience as "fun and enjoyable."

Aaliyah's first choice for pageant night was the North three piece swimsuit but after fittings and trials found Cay Cay to be more appropriate. The queen did both her swimsuit competition segment and promotional photoshoot in the bright orange sexy two piece original from the Flagship Collection.

For a closer look at the catalogue of images of Aaliyah Elliot and Beche's collaboration at Island Scoops visit us on Instagram.

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