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Founder and Designer, Cyprianna Green, was born on the Nation’s Capital, Grand Turk. She was fortunate enough to spend her early childhood away from the technology of computers and tablets and outside climbing guinep trees and playing hopscotch barefoot. Her humble beginnings in The Garden of North Backsalina, nurtured her adventurous side. Often times, her younger self was prancing across the shore whiles waves crashed across her little feet. This is precisely where her deep admiration for the beach began. Her adolescent upbringing on the island of Providenciales during primary and high school afforded her the opportunity to visit and learn about the other islands of her country through numerous field trips. The remnants of the salt industry, the unmatched beauty of Mudjin Harbour, the rich culture and history of the Nation’s Capital only touch what comes to mind as she think of how blessed she was to be born and raised in such an alluring country.

At the tender age of sixteen she ventured to Miami, Florida where she was met with eye opening opportunity and experiences during her undergrad and graduate school years. An island girl, living the big city life afforded her with a rare opportunity to break out of her comfort zone.  She ventured into modelling which introduce her to new found love for fashion. Attending several fashion events and most memorable, Miami Swim Week, she was exposed to swimwear from a more artistic perspective. She was intrigued by the passion and fulfilment of each designer she came in contact with. Since then she have became quite the bikini hoarder. She collected a variety of colours, and styles, all to enjoy on her various vacations and trips back home to World’s Best Beach.

Eventually, this passion for swimwear sparked interest of friends and strangers alike. Soon after moving back home in 2016 – she quickly realised how extremely finite the selections of swimwear was on island. She was constantly being asked where she had sourced her swimwear. In addition, the venture of a local brand that encompassed the beauty of the Turks and Caicos had not been done yet. The revelation gave birth to bēchë. Turks and Caicos’ very bēchë was established in 2016. This brand was developed with the wanderlust persona in mind that delights in tangible memory. Our creative direction is deeply rooted in The Turks and Caicos Islands. It is her intention to tell stories with this line of swimwear – to truly capture the uniqueness and simplicity of her country through a brand that is purposeful, timeless, and sustainable.

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