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For imagery as sensitive as the coat of arms, we needed attention to detail, creativity and boldness; so we found 

HezronH, Turks and Caicos Islands based artist was too young to remember when he fell in love with art. His talent has led him to being enrolled briefly into the Burrows School of Art, where he further developed his skills as an artist. Possessing both self-taught and formal training people and personalities play an integral role as inspiration for his art. 


Hezron's work is an exploration of hand-drawn illustration, acrylic and digital painting; adapting numerous traditional painting mediums to his signature style. With art laden with vibrant colours a link is established highlighting the emotive power of colour.


He believes that it is most important that artists make no apologies for their work; his passion is honest artistic expression, creating an experience people can enjoy and connect with on an ethereal level.  Surpassing over 2000 entrants worldwide as the Wacom “The Next Level” winning artist Hezron has exhibited in cities across Australia and New Zealand; and continues to further expand his horizons.


Select Achievements/Exhibitions/Publications/Projects

2019 – Apparel Art, Konk

2019 - Record Breaking Series, Exclusive Evening of Art, The Shore Club 

2018 - Editorial Illustration, Turks and Caicos Magazine, Edition 21 

2018 - Fabric Print, Beche 2019 Collection

2017 - Winner, Wacom The Next Level Competition and Feature Publication

2017 - The Next Level Exhibition; Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland 

2017 - EP Cover, Maskanoo, Lady Livz 

IG: Hezron_1

Facebook: @HezronHartprints

Twitter: @hezron1

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