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We wanted you to feel the passion and energy of Maskanoo through the art, so we found 

Candia Ewing is a Turks and Caicos Islands based Pop-Artist who has been devoted to visual arts since the very beginning. She was born on the Nation’s Capital, Grand Turk, and spent a portion of her childhood in South Caicos, before relocating to Providenciales. 


From an early age, she demonstrated an innate talent and continued to bring her creative passion to fruition. Her love for painting was birthed as a result of attending an ‘Art History’ and ‘Introduction to Painting’ class, for fun, during her college career at the University of Tampa. There, she gained a new perspective and deeper appreciation for the arts - It became “a way of life, and not ‘just a hobby’.”


Rather than attempting to create a perfect realistic interpretation of a subject matter, she focuses on revealing the expressive elements of monochromatic lines, contour, and tones, usually casting aside the color spectrum and focusing on the visual power of black, white, and everything in between. “Working with black and white paint is absolutely freeing! It removes the complexities of working in color, and allows me to focus more on form, and textures.” Though, she would occasionally dabble in a little bit of color.


In her practice, since 2011, Candia’s paintings are inspired by the many faces of beautiful island people.

Candia Ewing- Profile Photo.jpg
Digitazation of Art.png
For you, Candia dabbled in quite a bit of color with Maskanoo, making this one of her most rare commissions to date
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